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This ground-breaking series by well-know author, Larry Barkdull, contains one of the most vital messages for our day. With over 5,000 references and more than 350 works cited, this series is one of the most extensive research projects ever written about Zion.

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Larry Barkdull

About the Author

Larry Barkdull is a longtime publisher and writer of books, music, art and magazines. For nine years, he owned Sonos Music Resources and published the Tabernacle Choir Performance Library. He was also the owner and publisher of Keepsake Books. Combined, he has published about 600 products for numerous authors, composers and artists.

He founded two non-profit organizations to promote LDS arts and the gospel of Jesus Christ on the Internet. He writes weekly articles for MeridianMagazine.com on the subjects of Rescuing Wayward Children and Becoming a Zion Person.

He is published by Deseret Book, Covenant Communications, Sounds of Zion, and is the author of many books, including most recently The Shepherd’s Song, Priesthood Power, Rescuing Wayward Children, and his newest doctrinal work called The Three Pillars of Zion, a seven-book series on the subject of becoming Zion people.

He is the recipient of three literary awards: The American Family Book Award; The Benjamin Franklin Book Award (Independent Book Publishers of America); The Book of the Year Award (Foreword Magazine).

He and his wife, Elizabeth, are the parents of ten children and grandparents of a growing number of grandchildren.